Пивной ресторан в Харькове

Приготовь Ребрышки Ribs&Beer самостоятельно!


Warm air, hot sun, sweet aromas and unlimitedly good mood ... Yes, May has come! And with him and the long-awaited trips to nature, songs by the fire under the guitar, fishing and, of course, shalyky. Do you agree that they expected this?) If it's somehow simpler with all the other fun, then the shish kebab, at times, puzzles: what kind of meat to take, how correctly to marinate and how to cook it at all ?! On these and many other questions the answer is simple - Ribs and Beer. No, no, we do not offer to exchange fresh air for a get-together at the institution. The beer restaurant prepared something interesting for its guests, namely, the opportunity to cook the legendary ribs yourself! The chef has developed a special marinade, in which the ribs are kept, and after them you can cook at least at home in the oven. So you just need to stop by Ribs and Beer and pick up your ribs. We really liked this idea, so we decided to try it ourselves. As a result, they received an excellent ribbon of ribs, the meat is perfectly impregnated and has pleasant taste qualities, most importantly, they spent a minimum of time, and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. We advise you to take a few ribbons of ribs, because you want more! It is checked up on itself. So, the special romance of dinners in the open air in May is only once a year! Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy relaxation and delicious ribs on the brazier from Ribs and Beer. Source: kharkovgo.com