Beer restaurant in Kharkiv

Birthday party Ribs and Beer 2018


Where to go in Kharkov this weekend? What event to visit on September 8? What to do this Saturday? We have all the answers to these questions. Come to celebrate the second anniversary of the beer restaurant Ribs and Beer! Our regular guests, who were at the opening two years ago, know how noisy and fun we have party. We will open the secret of the holiday and tell you what awaits you this year.

Event on 08/09/2018 in the beer restaurant Ribs and Beer

As an American-style restaurant, we are not indifferent to the wild west, cowboys and everything related to the spirit of freedom. Therefore, the party will, of course, in the country style. Appropriate outfits are welcomed. To make it easier for you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of saloons and gold mining, the presenter prepared unforgettable activities. And we prepared presents and surprises for the brightest and most active guests. Our birthday party starts at 19.00. We will have fun in the hall, so, do not be afraid to freeze. If you get tired of total fun, you can always go to the summer area. We leave it for guests who are left without a table or want to enjoy the ribs, without being distracted by anything. If you want to get to the party, book the table in advance. How to do it? Call or email us to leave a pre-order. The minimum amount from the table is not, but we want to speed up your reunion with the ribs and issue orders as quickly as possible.

Beer restaurant will be open from 12 to 02

If in the late evening you will be in the bot area. garden and want the delicious ribs grill - welcome. In Ribs and Beer, there are ribs of Ukrainian and American meat, wings, steaks. And the day of our birth will not be an exception. All the same American-loved cuisine and not somewhere in Texas, but right in his native Kharkov. So, the main difference on September 8, 2013 is not hidden in the kitchen, but behind the bar. On this day, at our expense, every adult guest can drink a glass of wine or tincture. We will raise the glasses for our prosperity. Another nice feature is cocktails at the promotional price of 70 UAH. Standard portions, elite alcohol and such a dizzying price. Beer lovers will not stay away. Each odd glass of beer is a gift. 1st, 3rd, 5th, who can drink more. Assortment of promotional alcohol specify from waiters and administrators. Well, have already decided where to go in Kharkov on Saturday, September 8? We are waiting for you at Ribs and Beer. And to be aware of the news of the institution and the preparation for the Birthday party, follow us in Instagram.