Beer restaurant in Kharkiv



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New Year parties with Ribs and Beer


Where to spend corporate in Kharkov? There are a lot of options, but we are sure that almost everything has already happened. Everything except the American-style restaurant with original cuisine. Therefore, we invite you to Ribs and beer. wide sofas and comfortable chairs the interior in the style of this American institution; soft lighting; table […]

Birthday party Ribs and Beer 2018


Where to go in Kharkov this weekend? What event to visit on September 8? What to do this Saturday? We have all the answers to these questions. Come to celebrate the second anniversary of the beer restaurant Ribs and Beer! Our regular guests, who were at the opening two years ago, know how noisy and fun we have party. We will open the secret of the holiday and tell you what awaits you this year.

Prepare Ribs & Beer Ribs yourself!


(RUS) Тёплый воздух, жаркое солнце, сладковатые ароматы и безгранично хорошее настроение… Да, май пришел! А с ним и долгожданные выезды на природу, песни у костра под гитару, рыбалка и, конечно же, шалыки. Согласитесь, ждали же этого?)

Ribs in Ribs and beer – a true American delicacy!


t's time to talk about the edges. This dish in Ribs and Beer is produced by a special American recipe, using all the necessary technology.

Ribs and Beer Brasserie in Kharkov


Undoubtedly, home and business hot soup sometimes bored, no matter how tasty they were not. And you want something really unusual ... But what? Maybe burgers? Roll? Ramen? It seems, and it is not news to Kharkov.