Beer restaurant in Kharkiv

New Year parties with Ribs and Beer


Where to spend corporate in Kharkov? There are a lot of options, but we are sure that almost everything has already happened. Everything except the American-style restaurant with original cuisine. Therefore, we invite you to Ribs and beer.

  • wide sofas and comfortable chairs
  • the interior in the style of this American institution;
  • soft lighting;
  • table soccer;
  • and very tasty food.
Branded ribs and kitchen Ribs and beer The signature dish of our restaurant is ribs. Four types to choose from a large or small portion. And you can take them all, one large branded set. Meat is delivered from the USA, and BBQ, Buffalo and Gold sauces come from there. We guarantee such tasty ribs you have not eaten. We are even sometimes advised to change the name to the edge. But we remain a beer restaurant, because we have a lot of delicious frothy. In addition to beer, we have in the menu
  • bourbon;
  • whiskey;
  • gin;
  • tequila and mescal;
  • rum and cachaca;
  • tinctures, bitters, liqueurs;
  • vermouths;
  • more than 15 different cocktails;
  • hot drinks.
As you can see, the alcoholic card is impressive, so for corporate parties only our alcohol is. In addition to the ribs on the menu, chicken wings with American sauces, steaks, fish, side dishes and original appetizers, even first courses. If something is not in the menu, we willingly go to meet the wishes of customers and organize the necessary.

Where to corporate in the area m. Botanical Garden?

We are located near the Metro Bot. Garden. Next to us is Silpo, BC Capitalist, Unifecht. Near the restaurant is small but convenient parking. Our hall accommodates up to 100 people. If you want to dance, it will fit around 70. The order for corporate starts from 500 UAH / person. 10-15-20 people can also sit with us sincerely. There will be other guests nearby, but the seating arrangement allows you to organize the space so that everyone is comfortable. And if you have a small company, but you want to celebrate yourself, we do not say: "Impossible." We say: "Check with the administrator." The institution has a wardrobe, no hangers with outerwear. Spacious, clean, comfortable. If necessary, there is a projector, as well as large televisions.

How to create an atmosphere at corporate?

The American-style restaurant is the perfect place for an American-style party:
  • gangsters;
  • cowboys;
  • hippies;
  • dudes;
  • Hollywood stars.
Imagine and embody in Ribs and beer. You can come with your event team. And if you don’t want to worry, our proven leaders, animators, and artists will take on these efforts. We invite you to spend New Year and Christmas holidays in the cozy atmosphere of the American beer restaurant Ribs and beer.