Beer restaurant in Kharkiv

Ribs and Beer Brasserie in Kharkov


Undoubtedly, home and business hot soup sometimes bored, no matter how tasty they were not. And you want something really unusual ... But what? Maybe burgers? Roll? Ramen? It seems, and it is not news to Kharkov. We are looking for what may surprise places of our city, and found it! These ribs in American Ribs and Beer! You know, "American" - it is not just a word, in order to attract guests. This is what brings this place! Many of the ingredients for their meals guys bought directly from America, and do not for the sake of kitsch, but for the sake of quality. So, ribs served pork Duroc, the BBQ sauce and beer, some items directly imported from abroad. The chef was able to create magic in the kitchen and give the dish a real taste of freedom and lightness, taste of America! In the menu, beer restaurant presents three types of ribs: classic with BBQ sauce (they most relished our editorial board), in a honey glaze and, for lovers of heat and fire, sharp with Tabasco sauce. If you want to try everything at once, a great solution for you will be the company set Ribs.